best solo ads that work

What’s Solo-Advertising?

Solo advertising is a brand new highly-scalable PPC (Pay-Per-Click) traffic source.
It’s distinct from many other red tape-intensive self-serving PPC networks such as
Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords in 3 considerable manners.
Warm Leads

Solo ads leads are delivered to you personally in a high state of preparedness to purchase.

It’s a well known scientific fact people make purchasing decisions with their emotion and justify with logic. This really is accurate 100% of the time.

And while most prospects you get with conventional PPC sources are suspicious and analytic…

Solo ads prospects are highly-emotive.

Another reason Solo advertisements have become the favorite option for results-driven advertising master’s is regulations and rules.

Solo advertisements have none.

The excellent news is that can’t get “smacked “ or ” prohibited” with Solo advertising… EVER! You shielded against bureaucratic bullshit.

Immediate Results

Conventional Pay-Per-Click sources are slow.

The first challenge you hit against is the never-ending hoops you have to jump through to get your offer recorded on the network and accepted by the mods, which can take only hours, not days or weeks.

You will not have to cope with any of that stuff with Igor Solo Advertising. We would like you to get FAST RESULTS rather than getting stuck with time-consuming head-numbing set up processes.

It can be the best thing that ever occurred to your internet business. But if you’re not attentive, it is simple to lose a large number of dollars on fake clicks.
Get Shielded

Among the aforementioned advantages of solo ads advertising is the deficiency of regulations and provisions. But additionally, it may be a major drawback. Why? It is now the Wild Wild West, because since no one applies management over the Solo advertising business.

Solo advertising sources that are valid are between and much few when picking the perfect Solo ads source for you, and also you should be on your guard.

Lead generation is the most time consuming, though the least rewarding day-to-day task for most web marketers.
Learn by leveraging our completely new virgin traffic source, the best way to claim your freedom back!

Handpicked Possibilities

High Preparation To Purchase

These prospects are bursting with want to begin and grow their internet business. They have been online for long enough to feel clever about their purchasing choices.

No Tire kickers

You won’t locate any out of contour leads here. Forget about coaxing deadbeat tire kickers who challenge everything because they must select between paying rent and purchasing your merchandise.

100% Top-Grade

Our traffic is only Tier 1, and consists of visitors which are 90% from America and 10% United Kingdom and Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

For years we have become the go-to traffic source for the leading performers of business.

After having served hundreds of thousands of customers since 2010 across an array of business opportunities we’ve developed a game-changing prospect-qualifying edge which is out of reach for 99% of PPC networks and solo ad agencies.

It enables us to cherry pick the most effective prospects… in peak emotional state… at an ideal time in their own online marketing journey.

Which Offers Convert Finest With Your Traffic?

Solo advertising isn’t a great fit for everyone who encourages webinar applications video advertising applications, internet design services, search engine optimization services, binary options, forex robots, relationship, weight loss and anything of generating money from home, outside the range.
For first-timers, purchasing solo ads can seem to be the daunting task in the beginning. Perhaps you’ve been suggested by a representative from IPAS or MOBE to begin bringing in traffic via solos; you might be needed to construct your very own e-mail lists to be able to be a solo advertisement seller yourself, or maybe you would like to send to one or more affiliate offers! Take a look at the solo ads that work for any business!

1) Offer Choice

Try to find a well-recognized business with great reviews. Never be scared to ask re: standing around, and never throw your money at something which smells even somewhat dodgy.

Having someone from the organization on Facebook or Skype who offer guidance and will speak with you personally is always a bonus – they’ll frequently offer tricks and tips on the simplest way to turn your traffic into cash.

If you’re able to get access to the merchandise yourself even better. In this manner you’ll be able to check to find out if it really offers value for money. Take some time plus examine the sales page yourself.

Would you spend your cash joining up?
Is the sales reproduce enticing and nicely written?

In case you are pulled by the offer ‘ in’ this is consistently an excellent indication.

There are thousands upon a large number of offers, sales pages and systems out there, so an excellent begin will be to decide one that talks that are ‘ ’ to you.

You’ll should produce a fresh list in your autoresponder subsequently get the html code to put in your power play page (see step 3). If it sounds complex don’t stress! We’ll cover this in a great deal more depth in a future post, but for the time being try and get the procedure right in your head.

Visit Create Lists’ to get one in the event that you use Aweber.

In Get Answer look for the drop down ‘Your Present Effort’ menu top right. Select the ‘Create Effort’ choice to get a list. Next, from the very best menu select ‘Web Forms’ then Create New’.

Go through the procedure for making your sign up form, ensuring to save it every step of the way. At the ending you’ll get some html code (or javascript – we urge CONSTANTLY using html code though) that you must copy and paste into your power play page.

After 2 years of doing solo advertisements I’ve observed thousands of power play pages. So many folks look to need to over-complicate matters again and again, adding full page background images, flashing .gif’s, hundreds of words of text, etc etc.

I can’t emphasise this enough – straightforward works best. K.I.S.S!

The notion of a squeeze page will be to immediately pull a surfer into inputting their e-mail in order that they go onto the following page (your offer or thank you page). Input information into 5 distinct text fields should they should read half a page of text, or your e-mail optin box is far down the underparts of the the page – you’re quick, and going to lose them.

Believe attitude that is ADHD.

Your information is wanted by surfers, and they need it quick. It’s their wish to get through to another page as rapidly as possible, so allow it to be simple for them!

For me, an attention grabbing headline up top has consistently functioned and got me a higher optin %.

Never over-complicate matters when you don’t have to.

[button_1 text=”Boost Your Squeeze Page Conversion Now!” text_size=”27″ text_colour=”#000000″ text_boldface=”Y” text_letter_spacing=”0″ subtext_panel=”N” text_shadow_panel=”Y” text_shadow_perpendicular=”0″ text_shadow_flat=”0″ text_shadow_colour=”#ffffff” text_shadow_blur=”15″ styling _width=”40″ styling_height=”30″ styling_edge_colour=”#000000″ styling_edge_size=”0″ styling_edge_radius=”6″ styling_edge_opacity=”100″ styling_gradient_beginning_colour=”#ffcb29″ styling_gradient_end_colour=”#ffcb29″ drop_shadow_panel=”Y” drop_shadow_perpendicular=”7″ drop_shadow_horizontal= “0” drop_shadow_cloud=”1″ drop_shadow_distribute=”0″ drop_shadow_colour=”#d19900″ drop_shadow_opacity=”91″ inset_shadow_panel=”N” align=”facility” href=””/]

4) Monitoring Your Solo Ad Purchases

You are going to definitely want some monitoring applications as you get into purchasing solo advertising.

As soon as you begin purchasing greater than one solo advertising simultaneously monitoring applications will particularly be needed.

You set the URL of your power play page into the monitoring applications, which in turn spits out a link which will appear something similar to this :
The seller will want this monitoring link from you so they understand where to send your traffic when you purchase a solo advertising.

These scripts will provide you with a tracking cookie, together with supplying the needed tracking links for every single solo advertising purchase.

The famous 3 scripts are QualityClickControl Clickmagick, and AdTrackzGold.

5) Evaluation Before You Get It!

Evaluation EVERYTHING you’ve put together BEFORE you purchase any clicks!

I’ve make errors every one of the time and still been working online for 20 years. As a newbie you’re a lot more prone to make them yourself. This is the reason why we examine, re-evaluation, then test again 🙂

Ensure that your tablet PC or cell phone, as well as your power play page functions: on your personal computer. Different browsers can display pages otherwise – text gets cut off in strange spots, images may move around, etc.

As pleasant as your squeeze page appears in your own computer, someone else’s expertise on platform or an alternate screen resolution may change.

Choose in to your own power play page, or get a buddy to do it. Does everything function as it should? Are you currently directed to the right page(s) after optin? Is your tracking script set up working and right?

In case the reply to all these questions is ‘yes’ subsequently great – begin slowly purchasing clicks and take a breath.

If not – make the necessary changes and go back subsequently re-evaluation. Consistently make sure before spending any cash on solo advertising, 100% of your set up works.